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Welcome to Au Sydney Driving School!

These days, learning how to drive is an essential life skill. Whether you’re getting to work, to university or going road-tripping on the weekend, travelling by car can offer you unparalleled freedom and convenience. At Au Sydney Driving School, we aim to help you find the right coach to guide you on your learning journey and reach your driving goals.

Our driving coaches all have more than 10+ years of experience and hold RMS professional licenses and Cert IV in Transport & Logistics. During your course, they will provide comprehensive guidance on everything you need to get on the road, including:

  • Traffic rules and regulations
  • Key driving skills (e.g. reverse parallel parking, 3 point turns)
  • Driving best practice
  • Tips & Tricks

We understand that learning to drive can be daunting. Our commitment to you is to provide rigorous, patient and enthusiastic coaching, in the language (either English or Mandarin) with which you feel confident. Our professionally approved vehicles are all fitted with auxiliary brakes to ensure that you are always safe and comfortable behind the wheel.

Our coaches all have rich driving test experience and will tailor classes to your needs as well as lead you on actual test routes during practice so that you are as prepared as you can be. We offer a variety of classes and courses to fit you.

Au Sydney Driving School always takes pride in success and satisfaction of our students, and your feedback motivates our continuous improvement. Contact us to discuss your learning needs and start your driving journey with us today!

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Lu Wei
Lu Wei
Phone: 0404 630 666
Wechat: ausyddrivingschool
Address: 6 Mary St Rhodes NSW 2138
Garry Xu
Garry Xu
Phone: 0412 516 019 | 0402 398 372
Wechat: ausyd_drivingschool
Address: 50 Second Ave, Campsie,NSW 2194

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